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TainoSystems’ new EPOS Cloud-based solution, Sysgestock, is launching on 1st December, to revolutionise sales and inventory management. It is built to help organisations manage their growing businesses, whilst reducing the need for multiple costly standalone platforms.

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 Securing Your Business in a Recession

It’s no secret that the last few years have been difficult for businesses . Three years of a global pandemic followed by record inflation has pushed many businesses to the limit, and this has been made even more challenging by the looming fear of an upcoming recession.

So how do you ensure your business stays recession-proof and secures your future? Here are a few tips that can help you plan ahead.

Be forward thinking business in a Recession

One key learning that many businesses in a Recession have taken away from the Covid-19 pandemic has been to always be thinking ahead. Even when things are going well, you need to be prepared for any future situation, so it’s worth considering all possible futures to start planning for how your business could face them.

  1. Embrace Technology:
    • Invest in technology that enhances your business’s efficiency and adaptability. Automation, data analytics, and digital communication tools can streamline operations and position your business to thrive in an increasingly digital and remote-working environment.
  2. Financial Resilience:
    • Build financial resilience by maintaining a healthy cash reserve. Having a financial cushion provides your business with the flexibility to weather economic downturns, cover unexpected expenses, and seize opportunities that may arise during a recession.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach:
    • Prioritize a customer-centric approach by understanding evolving customer needs and preferences. Establish strong communication channels to gather feedback, and be agile in adjusting your products or services to meet changing demands.
  4. Talent Management:
    • Focus on talent management to retain key employees and attract top talent. Skilled and motivated teams are essential during challenging times. Offer professional development opportunities, create a positive work culture, and implement flexible working arrangements.
  5. Supply Chain Optimization:
    • Optimize your supply chain for efficiency and flexibility. Identify potential vulnerabilities and establish backup suppliers or alternative sourcing strategies. This ensures a more resilient supply chain, capable of adapting to disruptions.
  6. Contingency Planning:
    • Develop comprehensive contingency plans for potential disruptions. This includes not only external factors but also internal challenges. Having well-thought-out plans in place allows for a quicker response and minimizes the impact of unforeseen events.
  7. Stay Informed:
    • Stay informed about industry trends, economic indicators, and regulatory changes. Being aware of external factors allows you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential challenges.

Protect your assets business in a Recession

Ensuring you are completely financially covered as a business is essential to weathering any storm. Make sure your business is fully ensured for a range of potential disasters, from storms to long term closures. You’ll need to protect not only your assets but also your staff salaries and redundancy packages if needed.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Business in a Recession:
    • Carefully review your current insurance policies to ensure they cover a broad range of crisis scenarios, including damages from storms, fires, or floods. Take a proactive approach by adjusting your policies to ensure adequate coverage.
  2. Property and Liability Insurance:
    • Ensure that your business assets, whether real estate, equipment, or inventory, are adequately insured. Consider liability insurance to protect against potential lawsuits related to unforeseen incidents.
  3. Income Protection Insurance:
    • Explore income protection insurance options to cover financial losses during an extended period of closure or business slowdown. This may include policies covering business interruption, overhead expenses, and even loss of customers.
  4. Employee Insurance:

    • Protect your employees by having adequate insurance policies to cover salaries and redundancy packages if necessary. This can help maintain team stability during periods of economic uncertainty.
  5. Emergency Savings:

    • Build an emergency financial reserve to navigate periods of economic hardship. Having liquid assets available can be crucial for sustaining operations, paying suppliers, and covering fixed expenses.
  6. Diversification of Investments:

    • If your business holds investments, diversify them to reduce risks. Avoid concentrating all assets in a single sector, which could make your business more vulnerable in case of a recession in that sector.
  7. Consultation with Financial Experts:

    • Don’t hesitate to consult financial experts or insurance advisors to assess your specific needs and ensure that your asset protection strategies are tailored to your business.

Have a contingency plan in place business in a Recession

You may have been thinking about future plans, but do you have an actual plan in place? You need a written down strategy that you are prepared to put in place in the event of a disaster. When disaster strikes, it’s common for all ‘plans’ to go out of the window. That’s why by creating a comprehensive strategy you have clear steps to follow to ensure you’re protecting your business.

Know your rights as a business owner Business in a Recession

With tens of  thousands of small businesses operating around the US (and hundreds more launching daily), many small business owners aren’t fully aware of the rights and support they can receive as taxpayers from the federal government. By speaking to a small business advisor, you can find out what support you may be eligible for in the event of a disaster, from relief support grants to low interest loans.

By planning ahead and making preparations, you can help your business to stay alive and thrive, whatever the future looks like.

Sysgestock is the revolutionary POS utilized by businesses across North America. Find out how we can help your business to be future-proof by speaking to us today: info@sysgestcok.com

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